Find out more about PQx Planificación Quirúrgica’s products and services

We are a healthcare and medical device industry medtech start-up that is deeply committed to innovation. We have developed a surgical planning and navigation web-based platform and mobile app that equip operating rooms with new tools and aid surgeons as they plan and perform surgery. The aim is to achieve EXCELLENCE IN SURGERY.

The VEGA Surgical Navigator is our core product. It comprises patented, navigable, customized medical instrumentation that helps surgeons to guarantee EXCELLENCE IN SURGERY across all surgical procedures.

We work with surgeons in continuous pursuit of positive synergies through which to develop new verticals that will revolutionize the bio-engineering industry. This is evidenced by the patents that we are currently developing and those that are already in production.

At PQx, we have developed and patented the first ever arthroscopic surgical navigator. This virtual reality and augmented reality software with customized, navigable medical instrumentation makes arthroscopic surgery SURGICAL PLANNING possible. The aim is to achieve EXCELLENCE IN SURGERY.

Another of our patents includes the one that developed from the Vega LCA One Step Navigator. We are the first company worldwide with the ability to perform anterior cruciate ligament surgery using a surgical navigator with its very own virtual reality and augmented reality software coupled with specific medical instrumentation. It makes performing antegrade and retrograde femoral tunnel techniques in a single step possible.
Our VEGA LCA One Step Navigator makes performing complex surgery on significant deformities and corrective osteotomies with navigable medical instrumentation possible. This includes, for example, malunion distal radius surgery, distal radius Madelung deformity surgery, complex ankle cases such as SKYFOOT, clubfeet and so on possible.

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