I Traumatology Bioengineering 4.0 Competition

First Competition for the Implementation of Bioengineering 4.0 technologies in the resolution of complex surgeries.


Stimulate collaboration between Biomedical Engineering and Traumatology for scientific advancement within the PQx_PlanificacionQuirurgica.com community.

The objective of this award is to promote the use of new technologies in the resolution of complex trauma surgeries. To promote the application of surgical planning and navigation systems that use customized anatomical biomodels, navigable cutting guides and customized implants, with navigation systems that minimize the use of conventional radiology, reduce surgical times and increase healthcare productivity by improving the ergonomics of operating room staff.

The aim is for the surgeon to perform complex surgeries offering the patient SURGICAL EXCELLENCE with improved surgeon satisfaction and ergonomics.

Also, the aim is to stimulate the training of traumatology residents and scientific dissemination with the development of publications and quality scientific dissemination.


The 1st edition of the BIO ENGINEERING 4.0 COMPETITION consists of a main prize of four thousand euros (4,000€) and an extra bonus of one thousand euros (1,000€), if published in a journal included in JCR (Journal Citation Reports).


The award ceremony of the I COMPETITION OF TRAUMATOLOGICAL BIO ENGINEERING 4.0 will take place during the celebration of the 58th SECOT Congress, which will be held in Seville (Spain) on September 29th and 30th and October 1st, 2021.

In this event PQx will be present with a stand where we will show first hand the products and services of Surgical Planning and Navigation of the company.


The deadline for receipt of entries is December 5, 2021 at 11:00 pm.

PQx PlanificacionQuirurgica.com reserves the right to extend the deadline for submission, giving in such case, publicity to the adopted agreement.

Projects must be submitted on the PQx platform created for the competition located at PlanificacionQuirurgica.com.

If you have any questions, please send us your inquiry to the following e-mail address: concurso@planificacionquirurgica.com


  1. Traumatologists and traumatology residents practicing in centers in Spain and Portugal may participate.
  2. The project should be between a resident of any year of traumatology and an attending physician.
  3. Only COMPLEX SURGERY PROJECTS will be accepted with the use of new BIOINGENIERY 4.0 technologies, such as:
    • Surgical planning.
    • Surgical navigation (optional)
    • Custom instrumentation.
    • Customized implants.
  4. The Organic Law on Data Protection 3/2018 LOPDGDD must be respected.
  5. Applicants must register on the Competition platform by filling out the form available below.


The entrant(s) should submit a PDF DOCUMENT that includes at least the following information:
  1. Contestant(s) data: Name and surname(s), Email, Contact telephone number, Hospital or Clinic.
  2. Previous study of the patient’s pathology with surgical planning of the case and bibliography that supports the resolution of the case.
  3. Documentation of the navigation systemused in the surgery (optional).
  4. Surgical technique of the surgery, implants used and the appropriateness of the use of a custom-made implant (if necessary).
  5. Post-surgical monitoring of the patient and recording of patient satisfaction.
  6. Study of the benefit of the use of new Bioengineering 4.0 technologies in the surgical procedure with estimated differences in surgical time, surgeon ergonomics, health productivity, surgeon satisfaction and measurement of SURGICAL EXCELLENCE.
  7. OPTIONALLY, a DEMO VIDEO of the technique and/or the intervention may be included, indicating a URL address(youtube, vímeo,…) for its access.

Participate in the 1st Traumatology Bioengineering 4.0 Contest

If you wish to participate in the first competition organized for Spain and Portugal in search of the most innovative solutions for the resolution of complex surgeries, please fill in the form and send us the materials for evaluation.

If you have any questions, please contact the Technical Office.

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