Interview with PQx in ELITE MURCIA magazine

The current magazine ELITE MURCIA , publishes in its number 9 an in-depth interview with our CEO Conrado Baños, where he recounts the origins of Surgical Planning, the recognitions received during these years as a startup and the next challenges that the company is facing.

The ELITE MURCIA magazine , which promotes the best of the Region of Murcia: culture, gastronomy, companies and personalities. Its 9th edition has focused on presenting the figures of young Murcian businessmen who have stood out in recent years, taking their ideas and projects to the highest level, entrepreneurs who innovate and reinvent themselves every day, visionaries who turn their ideas into success and become they are noticed throughout Spain and the world.

Thank you very much for including us among this select and innovative group of new entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs with a long history, whom we admire and follow since its inception!

You can check the news in ...

Interview p. 34-35

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