We deliver customized solutions
to guarantee excellence in surgery

At PQx Planificación Quirúrgica, we are global pioneers in the design and manufacture of customized, navigable prostheses and megaprostheses. Thanks to our global patent, we are the only company with in-house manufacture that provides patients and surgeons with the best possible service and results with an EXCELLENCE IN SURGERY guarantee.







Our Bioengineering Department provides surgeons and patients with uninterrupted support beginning at the initial design stage.

We guarantee the quality of each and every prosthesis by using mechanical studies to generate virtual surgery simulations on our surgical planning and navigation platform. The Quality Department checks and performs each intervention. It does so virtually with the PQx platform simulator and augmented reality headset, and by using anatomical biomodels, customized and standard medical instrumentation and the VEGA Navigator. Once validated, with particular attention to the approach and implants, the surgical technique is confirmed. Once the surgeon’s consent has been received, all the information is sent to the Production Department.

The surgeon and patient have access to comprehensive support:

  • Surgical planning
  • Surgical navigation and simulation on our web and app with virtual reality and augmented reality
  • Actual simulation of the intervention using phantoms and our VEGA Navigator with virtual reality and augmented reality
  • In-house manufacture of NAVIGABLE, CUSTOMIZED and/or STANDARD MEDICAL INSTRUMENTATION and all the prosthetics components with the corresponding healthcare documentation
  • Support during surgery provided by our Bioengineering and Nursing Departments

Our VEGA Navigator with virtual reality and augmented reality is the best possible tool available to surgeons. It does not need to be programmed and, in conjunction with the planning process, the surgeon can perform surgery whilst guiding all the technical gestures. It is a huge contribution towards EXCELLENCE IN SURGERY.

Our navigator is a ground-breaking instrument that constitutes a 90% decrease in necessary medical instrumentation and a 30% decrease in the duration of surgery .

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This approach centers on identifying and implementing the best
possible solution as defined by the surgeon’s highest rated value for excellence
and the best possible result for the patient.

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Prostheses with navigable, customized medical instrumentation

Customized, navigable medical instrumentation for primary and salvage knee, hip and shoulder surgery, amongst others.

We have patented and developed the first ever navigable medical instrumentation for use in primary or revision surgery on knees, shoulder, hips and so on. This development is essential to prosthetic surgery of all kinds and, above all, in salvage surgery. We plan surgery and reconstruct all the corresponding essential parameters.

We create phantoms and manufacture both the medical instrumentation and implant tests, whether these be standard or customized. This enables the surgeon to reproduce surgery virtually using the virtual reality and augmented reality navigator, or physically using the phantoms. Afterwards, we provide all the phantoms, customized medical instrumentation and customized implants for surgery so that it can be performed with an absolute guarantee of success.

It is hugely beneficial to surgeons and, in addition, we generate huge savings and increased productivity for healthcare systems. There are also huge savings for the industry’s prosthesis distribution companies and an element of connection with surgeons.

At PQx Planificación Quirúrgica, we guarantee:

  • A 90% decrease in necessary general medical instrumentation
  • Huge savings in medical instrumentation and implant stock purchases
  • Huge savings in logistics costs
  • A 95% decrease in the weight and size of deliveries
  • Savings in indirect costs, a decrease in logistics and material distribution personnel, and a decrease in necessary healthcare personnel
  • Increased surgeon satisfaction. 24-hour support for surgeons from our Bionegineering Department, comprehensive reports covering all measurements and simulations, removal of elements of surprise and much more

The objective is satisfaction generated by excellence in surgery.

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