PQx one of the 100 new companies to join the Juan Roig business accelerator

Companies in the digitalization, e-commerce, big data, artificial intelligence and telemedicine services and cyberhealth sectors (such as PQx) feature heavily in this year’s LANZADERA project. The business accelerator and incubator is driven by the founder of the Mercadona supermarket chain. 

There are four phases to the Lanzadera program:

  • Scale Up; for one selected company. Aimed at businesses with a proven and profitable business model and a strong growth trajectory.
  • Growth; for 13 selected companies, including PQx. Aims to drive and grow companies that have consolidated their business model.
  • Traction; an incubator for 50 startups.
  • Start; for 40 teams. Aimed at entrepreneurs whose project is not yet entirely developed.

The program adapts to each business’ needs. Support ranges from 1,000 euros in financial aid up to 500,000 euros in funds. Furthermore, three companies are selected to participate in Corporate agreements.

Since it was launched in 2013, the Lanzadera business accelerator has selected over 500 startups and funded over 15 million euros in loans. It has generated over 2,250 direct jobs and an external investment valued at 130 million euros.

2021 List of Companies

The following companies have been selected for the Scale Up and Growth phases: Mox, 365 Obrador, Brickbro, Carnovo, Cella Medical Solutions, Chronoexpert, Gsport, Kubbo, Matcha & Co, Norlean, PQx Planificación Quirúrgica, Roams, STOL and Wepall.

For its part, the Traction phase has been awared to the following companies: Abilista, Arcadina, Analyticalls, Blaine box, Caponnetto, Certificación pm, Checktobuild, Clark Lens, Clotsy Brand, Cuyna, Cyrclo, DeuSens, Devs on tres, Dinbeat, Easy Feedback, Elios Car Wash, Fixme, ForestChain, GMAO cloud, Grey Glasses, HarBest Market, iCommunity Labs, Kydemy, LAKY, Loyicard, Motoreto, MusicList, My Home Designers, Nadie sin su ración diaria, Nespra, Odisei Music, Petite Marmotte, Playoffnations, Proyecto Kulto , Recognai, Refixme, Robingood, Tannity, The Unique Poster, Tour-Sport, Traetupoliza, StockAgile, Univrs, Veltis Rating, Vermut, Vinfopol, VyooTrip, Worldpats, Yinius, Zinkee.

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