PQx interview in La Razón newspaper

LA RAZÓN newspaper has published an interview with Conrado Baño, CEO of PQx, in its Health section. The interview covers the many advantages of the company’s patented surgical navigation and planning systems that provide surgeons with support in their quest to achieve excellence in surgery.

Our technology is designed to meet the needs of surgery specialities of all kinds, specifically knee, hip, spine, shoulder implants and salvage surgery for these specialist areas.

It is suitable for surgeons of all kinds but the system is, above all, geared towards the patient. For example, Dr Alonso Lisón, Dr Juanjo López and Dr Moya-Angeler have performed anterior cruciate ligament tear surgery and anterior cruciate ligament salvage surgery on professional and amateur sportspeople. The biomechanical results in these patients have been excellent and the surgical interventions were performed with millimetric precision. Likewise, Dr Pablo Puertas and Dr Antonio Valcarcel perform complex tumor surgery with excellent results. Dr Beatriz Abellán is a leading breast reconstruction surgeon.

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